san jose

Hills! & Danger?

After we checked out, we ate breakfast at Cafe' Milagro. Adrienne, the owner, was in Coata Rica 16 years ago on a Summer break from college, decided to quit college, open a cafe, and has been here since. She said her family didn't think she was crazy and she gets back to the States often. We have heard several stories like this where people come here and don't leave.

The adventure continued to San Jose today. Driving here is really adventurous and fun. We really beat up that little truck we rented. After dropping it off, we took a taxi to the Hotel Aranjuez, then walked a bit before it got dark and dangerous. The picture on this post is of hand stitched embroidery from the indiginous Kuna tribe in Panama. Every one is unique and about €400,000. We saw them at an outdoor market before retreating to the safety of our room.

Tomorrow, walk more of the city, head to the aeropuerto.