san francisco

Escape from...

The food in San Francisco is outstanding. The House of Nanking. Before that we rode the cable car to the wharf, ate at In N Out Burger (grilled cheese), it was my first time. The boat to Alcatraz was a good time, and so was the island. Tomorrow we escape from San Francisco, only to return at another time. Pictures from the day are at the Pictures & Video link to the left. A video will follow soon.

Adventures Are Tiring

We're to tired to write. Our vacations are a lot of work. The next one should be sleeping on a beach for a week, but it will probably be an adventure like the others. Click on Picture & Video Galleries to the left to see today's pictures.

Urban Hikers

We decided or figured out that we're hikers. We like to hike, whether it's nature or urban hiking, we like to walk around and look at things. It was the Mission district, Haight Ashbery and Golden Gate Park today. There were a lot of interesting people living in the park. Ironically, Golden Gate Park is not by the bridge. Anyway, we had Indian food for dinner with Esther's friend Katherine and partner Janice. BART is kind of fun. Wouldn't it be great to live without a car? 

These Boots Were Made for Walking

We must have walked seven miles today. That's not so bad by itself, but the hills man, the hills. They are fantastic; seven miles of hills. We went to Chinatown (tried a baozi), Little Italy, Fisherman's Warf (saw the sea lions, they said hi), Fort Mason (talked to a guy about renting an apartment), Cow Hollow, Pacific Heights and Japan Center. Then rode the bus back through the Tenderloin. Did I mention the hills? We found a cool museum with old arcade games at the warf, had really good sushi for dinner (according to Esther, I don't know the difference) and walked through a really big Apple Store before getting Lost at 9 on ABC.