Bah Habah

We started the morning eating cereal while looking out over the bay. Then hiked around the peninsula. We are now in near Bar Harbor, ME right outside Acadia National Park. It's raining. I think the locals call it Bah Habah.

Turning Left...A Good Idea

You know a trip is good when you've been gone three days and it feels like a week (or two). We started in Boston, drove to Salem to see witch trials and ended up eating dinner on the waterfront in Portland, ME. We thought everyone in Boston was going to sound like Matt Damon in Goodwill Hunting, but they didn't. It seemed like there were a lot of people reading everywhere-in the park, on steps, walking down the street, everywhere. Salem was interesting and somewhat creepy. What's also interesting is of you were to take all the road signs away, it looks like you could be driving into and between any city from mid-Ohio to the East coast and from Maine to Florida. For audio and other nuggets from the trip, click the Facebook link at the top of the page.

Portland is the largest city in Maine. It is the county seat of Cumberland County. The city population was estimated at 63,011 as of the 2006 Census. Portland is Maine's cultural, social and economic capital. Tourists are drawn to Portland's historic Old Port district along Portland Harbor.

The city seal depicts a phoenix rising out of ashes, which aligns with its motto, Resurgam, Latin for "I will rise again", in reference to Portland's recoveries from four devastating fires. The city of Portland, Oregon, was named for Portland, Maine.